Korea: Power Source of Plastic Surgery

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Korea was economically at the bottom until the late 1900’s. To our surprise, it boosted its power in all fields such as medicine, science and technology, sports, religion, etc.   in a very short span of time. It is in the beginning of the year 2000th that it bloomed as the home of technological advancement such as IT and Medicine. Korea is now the most advanced country of plastic surgery. It has become the most influential country for plastic surgery attracting peoples of the world.

Korea is now exercising its brilliance in the modification of the external part of the body. This took place to satisfy their obsession for beauty. Almost all Koreans have undergone plastic surgery in order to change their appearance. According to interviews, Korean parents give plastic surgery for their children as a gift especially when they already reached the age of 20. It is because they believe that their children would get a good impression from the society in terms of jobs and intimate relationships. Beauty is a chance of being hired in Korean society.

What part of the body do Koreans mostly change?

Eyes- Koreans have slanted eyes not even having eyelids. They believe that if they have big eyes with double eyelids, they become beautiful. They themselves set their standard of beauty.

Nose- Pointed nose is the common standard of beauty, Korea is not an exception.

Shape of the face- Koreans believe that V-Shaped face is stunningly beautiful.

Since almost everyone in Korea avails plastic surgery, each resembles one another, nothing to say about this phenomenon.