Plastic Surgery: It is Painful?

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When I was 5 years old, I really dreamt of becoming the most beautiful woman in the world physically. That was a funny dream of course. My siblings said that it is even impossible for me to become beautiful. Now that I have grown up, I realized that almost everything is possible. Yet it is impossible to be the most beautiful woman in the world because this is a subjective matter. Everyone can be beautiful in different ways. Anyway, beauty is not everything in life.

I had a Korean friend who said that in her country, plastic surgery is spreading. However, she said that she would never do it because she saw how her friend underwent a surgery. It was extremely painful. She said that she would rather stay beautiful in a unique way than suffering all those kinds of pain. It is true that when you want to achieve something important in your life, you must undergo lots of sufferings. It is also seen in videos how they do plastic surgery, it is really painful.

Imagine how they would be removing your fats when you want to get slim and modifying some parts of your face. It is not that painful because you will be given pain reliever. Suffering pain for a short time is the matte for me. I want to be beautiful but not in a fake manner. I do not  want to deceive people with my looks. Also, plastic surgery is not permanent. It will make you unhappy after several years since the negative effects of the surgery manifest.