Who are the Famous Asian Celebrities who undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Before cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery became popular, we didn’t care much to know about the looks of celebrities. Well, many actors and actresses are really so handsome and beautiful. Some of you might have wondered how they have such an amazing looks which seems so impossible. But of course, I’m not saying that all celebrities seemed to have undergone surgical operations. Especially in Korea, plastic surgery is very popular and seemed to be a natural thing to do. Many Koreans don’t hesitate to undergo eyelid surgery since they don’t have double eyelids, reconstructive surgery such as chin, cheeks, and lip augmentation, and others.

Anyways, the following celebrities might have admitted nor rejected rumors that they really underwent plastic surgery. Famous Korean celebrities like Goo Hara admitted that she underwent surgical operations to make her eyes wider and larger compared before and also fixed her teeth and nose; Kim Ah Joong was questioned about her beauty as well since she had double eyelids, pointed nose, and an oval face; Ku Hye Sun has a well-defined face and you might have heard rumors that she underwent nose job.

Lee Da Hae was also rumored to have reconstructive surgery including jawbone lift, facelift and double eyelid surgery; another actress who didn’t fail to be questioned was the famous actress Jun Ji Hyun or commonly known as Gianna Jun. Whether such rumors might be true or just purely rumor, you don’t need to confirm it since it was their own decision to undergo plastic surgery. You may click here to find out more information.