Cosmetic Surgery Effects

Cosmetic surgery is something that is done in order to improve the appearance of a person. It should not be a reason to destroy someone’s body. However, no doctors deny that cosmetic surgery is something that is not good for the body. As they say, plastic surgery has positive and negative effects in the body.  There are cases that the surgery fails, so having cosmetic surgery is either you become better or worse. What are the effects of Cosmetic Surgery?

Positive effects:

Beauty- How can you be beautiful through cosmetic surgery? You become beautiful in your own thought if you follow the standards of the world or if you are so conscious of yourself  thinking of their judgment. Here is what people regard as good looks.

  • White Skin
  • Pointed Nose
  • Small Lips
  • V-shaped face
  • Big eyes with double eyelids

Why is it a need to be beautiful?

  • For opposite sex relationship
  • Avail a job
  • Attract people’s attention
  • OT become famous

Negative Effects:

L0038266 A girl suffering from secondary Syphilis to the face
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
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A photograph of a girl suffering from congenital Syphilis to the face resulting in the destruction of nasal bones and deformation of the eyelid and eye positioning.
Atlas of syphilis
Leo Zumbusch
Published: 1922
Printed: 1922
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0
  • Nerve Damage- Numbness is the common effect of nerve damage.
  • Organ Damage- Organs should not be in contact with the punctures.
  • Blood Loss- This is expected in any surgical procedures. Excessive blood loss will cause death loss.
  • Infection-This can occur internally and externally that after operation.
  • Dissatisfaction- Not all cosmetic surgical outcomes satisfy you. In this case, you would probably undergo again an operation that causes a high possibility of failure.
  • Emotional Torment- Guilt can not be avoided in this situation. When you have facial surgery, and you think of not being recognized, this is a terrible fear. Having changed your appearance is deceiving people.


Having seen these side effects, before you undergo plastic surgery, it is better to decide carefully. Regret comes in the end. No wonder doctors would always inform their patients the negative effects of the operation since surgery is not something that is taken lightly. It is not too much to say that surgery is putting yourself in a prison where there is no chance of getting out once done.